When Sanatan Dharma Started

When Sanatan Dharma Started: Sanatan Dharma is known by two names, one is Sanatan Dharma and the other is Anadi Dharma. If we talk about the beginning of this religion, it is not clear in any one period. Because it was not started by any person or any organization. It reflects all kinds of traditions, spiritual experiences, experiences of teachings given by highly distinguished gurus.Which helps us to make it clear that Sanatan Dharma was not started by any person or any organization.(How Old Is Sanatan Dharma According To Vedas)

Talking about the beginning of Sanatan Dharma, we get the information that this religion had started with the existence of man. Naturally, it deeply means worship related to nature.Take care of these circumstances and then apply yourself to the search of your soul. Which started with the humans who were the first to exist.

After which the teachings and traditions of Sanatan Dharma started spreading. People started understanding the usefulness of this religion. After which this religion developed rapidly with time, and as a result many aspects of Indian civilization. And today we can easily see its different forms. Therefore, Sanatana Dharma originated in very ancient times and this religion has always existed in India.

What Is The Oldest Religion On Earth?

If I talk about the oldest religion on earth, it is not certain which religion came first or which religion came after that. Because we have not found any proof of this. Only an idea can be made as to how old or new a religion may be. Well, we all know that human civilization has existed on this earth for thousands of years. 

And in every civilization, people have shared a lot about their religious organizations and spiritual experiences, based on this we have also gathered a lot of information. But there are some ancient religions about which many evidences have been found, some of them are Hinduism, Jainism, Buddhism, and Jinism, etc., which are considered very ancient on earth.

If we talk about Hinduism, this religion is considered to be the oldest in the world. Along with its popularity in this religion, we also get to know its unique methods, The cycles of our life, as well as the entire world, have been explained which today’s humans are able to contemplate on in this scientific age. But there are some facts in Hindu religion which have been told many years ago.

So, the oldest religions on this earth, which started around 5000 BC, are Hinduism along with Jainism and Buddhism.


How Did Sanatan Dharma Originate?

As I said, this religion is the oldest in the world. Its existence has existed since ancient times. Therefore it is difficult to tell the exact facts about its origin. Man was here in search of his identity and existence. Lived naturally and took care of them only. These Vedas also have different parts. Brahmins, Aranyakas, and Upanishads etc. When these Vedas are studied, their principles are explained in detail which increases the understanding of knowledge, action, and worship. 

Just as natural phenomena occur all around us, Sanatan Dharma originates, resulting in religious and spiritual practices that have great influence in their culture. 

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